Let It Snow

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This is the time of year we gather around friends and family, begin to dream about a winter wonderland, and plead to the heavens for snow. Has it ever struck you how potentially terrifying the words of that classic song are for many?

For nearly three out of four families in our community when the weather ouside is frightful, this is anything but delightful. When many of us see snow we see it with the eyes of childlike wonder. For many of our neighbors, they see snow not with wonder, but a hardened fear that Old Man Winter has taught them. They can’t think of the picturesque postcard, rather, they only see a cold, drafty home, high heating costs, or the wood pile dwindling to nothing before Christmas.

This year, we get to celebrate alongside a family — a single mom with 2 kids — as the harsh realities of winter, are now a memory thanks to generous neighbors like you. This time last year they huddled into the only two rooms the wood stove could hear in their home. Quarantined within their own home, worrying if the wood they purchased would be enough to last till spring. This mom’s shoulders are no longer pressed low by worries over things she can’t control, but now stand proud as a homeowner. Her kids don’t worry about splitting wood and keeping a fire going to barely heat a home, but now focus on school and friends. Because of people like you they now have a safe, decent, affordable home that heats all the rooms and is insulated from the elements.

Please consider giving to help spread the warmth of the holidays and the cheer to families next year who will be celebrating their first Christmas in their new homes like this family.

This Christmas, for the first time they may get to excitedly say:

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But THIS HOME sure is delightful

Since we’ve no place to go

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!